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4th November 2009

9:10am: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY oh_chris and lazysun!!!!!!

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27th June 2009

8:51am: Zut alors, she has emerged!
Most of you have probably heard that Emily Kane arrived beautifully into this world on June 18, around 1:30 PM. I will spare everyone the details of the birth, and I'm tired of reliving it, but since then she has been an angel, a wonder, and an amazing learning experience. She makes the cutest faces, both awake and asleep, and she's just too precious!

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16th June 2009

2:25pm: Hrmmm
Feeling very idle. Like really I should be writing something that would earn me a Nobel Peace Prize or something, but I'm just sitting here...

Well, I read a great book today. "Anansi Boys" by Gaiman. The sentence structure in this one was a little interesting, sometimes hard to follow- maybe because I'm so pregnant? But it wove a nice story and wrapped together nicely, and it was great to have a new world to escape to for a little while.

I have all these lists of things I could be doing...right now it's so nice out, I'm going to sit outside for a bit and watch the cats frolic. And once I can herd them inside, I'll go run some errands. (Aren't I funny?)

Hopefully having dinner with friends tonight, a little early birthday celebration (thanks trunkbutt!), and if I'm still awake after that I might bake some stuff tonight. We got strawberries and rhubarb from our CSA, so...mmmmm....pie! :)
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29th May 2009

6:11pm: werk

Poor suckers will all be there til July 1st, but I get to be done NEXT FRIDAY!!!

Monday: teach 3 classes, finish writing tutoring final, finish bundling up lesson plans for sub
Tuesday: 1.5 hr tutoring session
Wednesday: teach 3 classes, one of which is split boy/girl, then another tutoring session
Friday: teach 3 classes, supervise Friday detention 2pm-4pm

Then I get to SLEEP, and REST, and NEST, and CLEAN, and veg out, and...
and become a Mommy.

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6th May 2009

12:05pm: For mkb_technologie
Happy Birthday Love!!!!

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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10th April 2009

10:55pm: So I've been smelling gas off and on- but Matt's never really smelled it, so it was just me and crazy pregnancy smells.

Until tonight. Matt smelled it too. So we called the gas company. They came out around 10pm - super nice guys. :)

Turns out, the guy who installed our new heater OVER A YEAR AGO never got the line inspected, never pressure-tested the line, etc. I AM PISSED!!!!

So the gas co guys temp sealed the line, and let us know exactly what to do to get it fixed, and I'm glad our house never blew up, and I'm wondering how much our gas bill will go down now.

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20th March 2009

4:30pm: Uh- oh, I'm in trouble.
Is your cat plotting to kill you?
Current Mood: worried

28th February 2009

9:11am: Happy Birfday Jenny!!!  :D


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31st January 2009

10:21pm: Random
~ Finally finished painting the ceiling! And it looks great, just the colors I wanted!

~ My arms are sore.

~ I really really wish we could redo the bathroom now.

~ I'm trying to map out dates for getting all these little projects done before my belly becomes unwieldly. Nesting, anyone???

~ I waste a lot of time on the computer, checking email and lj and fb for updates. Useless.

~ So so happy that Matt has agreed to hire someone to finish the wallpaper. We're not being extravagant, we're being practical. Continue trying ourselves and somehow mess it up, thereby wasting lots of money (and time) on wallpaper, or hire a pro and enjoy the beautiful wallpaper for years to come. Hmmm...

~ I don't dust. How does one motivate oneself to dust? I mean, once there's a very visible film on specific pieces of furniture I'll dust those, and maybe the rest in the room, but would never consider having a dusting day where I go through the whole house... Maybe if I do that, and promise myself a reward at the end of the dusting? First Sunday of every month? Eh.

~ I can't wait to get up to my parents' house in a few weeks. They've been cleaning like mad, and Mom admitted they've even thrown stuff out!!! *shock!*

~ I'm grumpy now and don't know why. :/

~ Though I'm looking forward to a fun-filled day tomorrow. :) Meeting with ericastellar and her kids at the aquarium- yay! Then later, meeting up with cobie and thegrambler for rocking-chair shopping and probably some Imax. Woo-hoo! I'm super-psyched about both- Erica and I haven't really hung out since high school (eeep!), and I don't see Miller or Anthony nearly enough.
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29th January 2009

9:02am: You gotta fight...For your right...to EEEEAAATTTT!!!
An acquaintance of mine is currently in the hospital being induced, and she mentioned having to eat at 11pm last night since she wouldn't be allowed to eat this morning. That reminded me that in the book about HypnoBirthing that I'm reading, a Mom mentioned how she was allowed to eat during labor, like that was some sort of exception. So I wanted to find out what the big deal is about eating/not eating during labor.

At first I thought maybe it had something to do with the involuntary voiding that can accompany labor and delivery. But I guess I was wrong.

So this idea of not eating during labor comes from the 1950's, when women were more often anesthetized and that caused them to vomit, then leading to breathing problems, sometimes even to pneumonia. Since then, anesthesia has been reduced during general delivery, and anesthesiologists have better technique and control over the doses, so this shouldn't even be a problem anymore.

"We also know that restricting food in labor can cause problems of its own. Besides the stress factors, restricting intake during labor can cause dehydration and ketosis.

Recent studies that have been conducted on oral hydration and food intake suggest that women who are allowed to eat and drink to comfort in labor have shorter labor (by an average of 90 minutes), less need for augmentation with Pitocin, require fewer pain medications, and the babies had higher apgar scores than of those in the control group.

In another group of women studied all of the participants drank, and 85.5% of the ate during labor, usually earlier in labor. This did not appear to increase the frequency of nausea or vomiting. Allowing food and drink provides hydration, nutrition and increased comfort not to mention control for the laboring woman." from about.com

And from babycenter.com, answering the question "Can I eat and drink during labor?":
"Yes. Some (but not all) women feel hungry and thirsty during labour, especially in the early stages. Studies have found that there are no harmful effects on either mothers or babies from eating and drinking during labour (Beggs and Stainton 2002; Tranmer 2002).

Guidelines state that you can drink and eat a light diet during labour provided that you don't use a painkiller such as pethidine or develop any complications during labour that might make you need a general anaesthetic later on (NCCWCH 2007: 86). "

And from another medical study:
"In the mid-1960s, we saw a jump in deaths from airway problems. Rapid-sequence induction was introduced early in that decade, and at first we weren't very good at it, so in the mid-1960s the number of airway deaths increased. In the next confidential enquiry, which will be published in 2004, there will be a report of three airway deaths, none of which involved aspiration, and all of which were at the hands of young, inexperienced anesthesiologists who failed to manage the airway and provide these patients with adequate ventilation."

Really, Doctors... can we PLEASE keep up with medical technology, and realize that requirements from the FIFTIES are maybe a little out-dated???? WHY do doctors insist on following old practices that keep the mother uncomfortable, and stressed out (if you're anything like me you get stressed and cranky when you're hungry), while she's giving birth??? Ugh!

EDIT: I'm planning on going the natural childbirth route at a birth center run by midwives, so I'm pretty sure I won't have to deal with this. I understand for c-sections one would not want a stomachful of food, but *forbidding* food to a naturally laboring woman makes no sense. If she can stomach it, which many women can't cause they're being sick.
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28th January 2009

10:25pm: Random thoughts for the day
My fourth meal was brownie sundae with French Silk ice cream and whipped cream on top. Mmmmmm.

My other meals were pancakes (topped with lazysun's blueberry sauce) and bacon, leftover veggie pizza, and baked chicken with swiss and bacon, brown rice and broccoli. That's pretty balanced, right?

Our bulkhead door was melting. I mean, the snow on top was melting, and creating a puddle in our basement. Not looking like a fun spring, no sirree!

We primed the bedroom ceiling. Decided we need more paint (loser at Lowe's only sold us a quart, no way that will cover it!) and more time (I didn't want to be up this late)

We've contacted a wallpaper person to see about them finishing the goddamn thing for us. Let's see how much that costs, eh?

I did not get any school work done today. Going in tomorrow, even if they don't ask me to sub.

I feel the baby moving more. Sometimes I still wonder if I'm imagining it, and sometimes it's a pretty definite "Yup! There's a baby in there!"

Matt can't wait to feel the baby moving. I think he feels sort of left out of the experience. Sometimes I wouldn't mind sharing. But I've started wondering if I'll miss her when she's outside of me?

I did some shovelling today. Go me! :)

I realized at about 8:30pm that today, one year ago, was when my Grandma passed away. I think in the future this day won't hold so much significance; I'd much rather celebrate her birthday, her life and the wonderful example she set for others during most of it, but today I just wonder how different this year might have been if she were still alive. Sometimes I really miss her, but sometimes I can feel her watching over me, and that makes me feel better.
Current Mood: thoughtful

27th January 2009

2:38pm: A day off, or an off day?
Well, I was not requested at work today.

So I enjoyed my sleep-in, lounged around for a bit...then remembered I was supposed to tutor today! And she was dismissed at noon cause of mid-terms, so...oops. I emailed and asked her to reply in case we could meet up today, otherwise with the impending doom snowstorm I don't think we can meet til Thursday.

So that was strike 1. Then I went just a liiiitle too long without food. Got a fluffernutter and some tasty beef stew before passing out, but I think I'll go lay down now.

Then I'll see about groceries. Then it's fitness class tonight. Fun fun!
Current Mood: lethargic

22nd January 2009

9:38pm: Say hello!

Ultrasound 2
Originally uploaded by matt kane's brain

Here are the shots from the ultrasound!

Ultrasound 2
Originally uploaded by matt kane's brain

9:47am: I KNEW IT!!!!
It's a GIRL! :D

Everything looks good.

Pics to be posted later.
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7th January 2009


Happy Birthday cobie!!! :)
Current Mood: party

6th January 2009

1:37pm: Oedipus, anyone?
So listening to Pandora, and this song comes up, and I start actually catching the refrain....

"Gillian if you weren’t my mother I would make you my wife" (The Waifs)

Ummmm... I mean it's nice to appreciate your mom and all, but...isn't there something else you could say?
Current Mood: confused

26th December 2008

9:06pm: Overall a really great holiday
Dinner was super-tasty, enough so that we hardly touched all the desserts I baked. But now that it's getting eaten the next day, it's getting rave reviews. Mmmmm apple pie. My sister made an amazing tofu pot pie, and the turkey was perfectly moist.

Gifts were great. I think the sweetest was the classic Winnie-the-Pooh height chart to go in the nursery, from my aunt. Made me cry. And I only got one maternity piece, a t-shirt that says "Baby Love" on it. But we also got some cash, which is great as I'm in dire need of pants. :p

Most useful gift will probably be the game set my parents got us. It's like a small side table, but loaded with board games- rumikub, bingo, wheel of fortune, chess...you know, the classics. It looks pretty nifty, though we haven't bothered to take it out of the box yet. When we get home.

Matt and I had said Florida was our gift to each other, and maybe a small gift, but we both broke that. I got him a berimbau, for capoiera, and he got me a really really nice pair of flat (good for pregnancy) dress boots. Right now I've got my heeled boots, and my LL Bean hikers, and my Sorels. So these are super-great. I just have to go and get the right size, now... He also took to heart my suggestion of making a donation to the Susan G Komen foundation, in my grandmother's name. That was the most meaningful gift of this year, definitely.

And there were lots of other nice little things, I can't remember what exactly. It was just really nice to have the family together.

Tomorrow Matt goes skiing, and I hang with the fam. Sunday, I'll probably head with him to Loon, spend the day with his Grandma, have dinner there then head back to MA. I miss my kitties, and my comfy bed.
Current Mood: content

23rd December 2008

7:07pm: Listy goodness
++ too much pizza
-- too much pizza
++ baking! yay! apple pie and pumpkin pie and peanut butter blossoms and...
++ time w/ Joan and Rob
-- stupid drivers who can't handle ice and snow
++ awesome friends willing to bike miles to watch after our cats...through the ice and snow! crazy!
++ finding other friends who won't have to bike miles to watch the cats
++ done the Christmas shopping- AND wrapping!!
++ adorable kittens
++ opening presents in T-minus 2 days!!!
-- not as excited about the presents I got for others- that's usually my highlight, waiting to see their expressions, but this year...meh
++ craftily hiding matt's present from him. heh heh heh
++ getting rid of the plague that has...well, plagued me these last 2 weeks
Current Mood: Quite happy

21st December 2008

3:56pm: Blah
I've avoided posting cause I don't just want to complain about how sick and tired I am. So there, I said it, and now we're moving on...

Well I'm not sure how fun the holidays will be, cause my whole family's sick. Niece has pneumonia, Dad's got a cough bad enough that he passed out again (something that used to happen when he first retired from fire-fighting... cough syncope We're going to try to make the best of it. If I'm feeling better by then I plan to go tubing, and/or cross country skiing. I'm also in charge of desserts, which means super-tasty treats! Mmmmm. And Mom mentioned something about salmon pop-overs or something...

Florida was lots of fun. Renting a house was such a great idea, it was a lot easier to hang out all together, and avoid eating out every meal. I just wish we could've actually used the hot tub! I think my favorite part was swimming with fishes, although a few times I freaked when the rays swam a bit close... Busch Gardens was also fun, but would have been more so if I'd have gone on roller-coasters... so many people say it's probably fine, it's not like I'm 8 months pregnant, but still, I would feel so awful if anything had happened. If I could do it over, I would have visited my Grandpa on the Space Center day, and gone to Epcot. But overall a great trip.

This snow is rockin my world, it's great to have an excuse to just stay home and cuddle up. Not that there's no housework to be done, but...it's just nice. Definitely feels more Christmas-y to me.

Yesterday we had Christmas with the in-laws. That was pretty nice, too short and not as festive as the actual day, but I love that they make an effort. We got a lot of restaurant gift-cards, the message seems to be "enjoy couple time while you have it!" Ok then!

I am pretty tired, so I'm logging off now. I hope you all have a healthy and happy holiday! :)
Current Mood: content

12th December 2008

10:15pm: So tire
First full day of vacation...

Quite literally. Yesterday, having planned to use the morning to pack and finish cleaning the house, I was called in to sub. I guess FOUR teachers had called out sick that morning, on top of the few who they already expected out, what with the touch of plague that's passing round. I went in for 2.5 hours. We got everything packed in plenty time, but I'll need to clean the house when I get home. :p

ANYway, today was fun. We spent the cloudy morning watching our friends swim with dolphins, trying to stay warm. Then, the sun emerged! :) We swam with fishies! Parrot fish and Nemo fish and Dori fish and angel fish and all kinds of cool stuff.

Then we came home, rested, and Chris helped me make tasty dinner. Then we played pool and air hockey, now it's ice cream and video game time. This is the way to vacation, let me tell you! :) WAY more fun than stupid hotels.

Tomorrow is Busch Gardens. I won't go on all the rides, but I hope to see all the cool animals. That'll be my compensation.

Almost time for bed....zzzzzzz
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6th December 2008

7:54pm: Mixed results
Well, I've been feeling pretty gross, pretty much since cleaning up cat sick yesterday... :p

Don't hate me, but I've actually lost 1.5 pounds. I know that won't continue for very long, but if overall I can end up losing weight after the baby is born, that'd be sweet.

Despite losing weight, all my pants are getting tight. Hooray!

AND....drumroll please.... today we heard the HEARTBEAT!!! :D Just for a few seconds, but it was definitely there. So weird, something is living inside me!!! Ew.

Matt's definitely getting more affectionate toward our little one now that it's showing, and we've got some hard evidence.

Also, all 1st run of blood tests came back normal. *phew*

So overall, life is ok. :)
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3rd December 2008

9:30pm: Writer's Block: Be Prepared
We live in uncertain times. Earthquakes, hurricanes, the ever-present threat of zombies—do you have a disaster plan ready in case one of these things happens to you?

My disaster plan is to move back in with my parents. And I mean real disaster, Armageddon type stuff.

No, seriously.

First, they're in a pretty remote location. Second, they have great well-water, sweetest stuff I've ever tasted. Mmmmm. Growing conditions aren't the best, but with a little composting and work, could be greatly improved in a few years. Room for chickens, and oh, they live at a pond, so plenty of fish. Moose, deer, partridge, rabbit all in the woods around them, and my Dad's got quite a supply of hunting rifles. I'm not too bad a shot, either.

Then there's the fact that they have solar panels. Solar water heater- with a supplemental heater for the winter months. Plenty of wood around for heat, and that's primarily what they do in winter. They also have forced hot air, but don't run it often.

Finally, Dad's cars run on veggie oil. He's got a huge old heating oil tank that he fills up at the local restaurant, and even though he's driving old clunkers that he's retro-fitted to burn veggie, they get decent mileage. So transportation won't be an immediate problem if when gas goes out of style.

I think that's about all my reasons.
Current Mood: sleepy
7:08pm: NCIS
What is it that's so addicting?

Is it Abbie's totally rockin goth-chick-scientist thing? Eh.

Is it DeNozo's arrogance and charm? Not really

Is it Ducky's quirky humor? Possibly.

Or is it Gibb's smirk?

Current Mood: giggly
4:53pm: Cat update:
Les has lost 1/4 an ounce. I guess that's good. She said he's not really overweight, he's just big-boned. Hah.

No temp, no problem with anything, and he only gurgled once for her, of course. In the waiting room he gurgled a bunch, but with the vet? No can do.

She suspects the detergent, and/or the new flea collar, caused some throat irritation like post-nasal drip. She gave me a lozenge-type med that has to be melted, and administered via syringe. Won't that be fun!

Other than that, she totally fell in love with him cause he's such a sweetheart. Hardly even flinched when he got his rabies vaccine updated. He's such a luv. She said he's the "best cat". :)
Current Mood: cuddly

2nd December 2008

2:29pm: Poor guy!
My adorable grey furball is possibly not doing well.

Last night he started breathing funny. Gurgling, like. And we had just found laundry detergent spilled all over, so we assumed he got his paws into that, and had licked them clean, and so was kinda sudsy.

Matt called the vet's emergency number, but they said since he's still eating and playing like a normal kitten, he's probably fine, and just keep an eye on him. It was hard to sleep last night, but after he ate the gurgling wasn't as bad so we went to bed. Woke up a few times to hear him gagging, but he was only sick twice before we went to bed, hasn't been since.

But today he's still a little gurggly, and that just can't be good. So I called the vet, and he's scheduled for an appointment tomorrow. I'm sure if he were in pain or something they'd see us right away, but as he's still behaving fine, I guess we can wait.

I'm just worried.
Current Mood: worried
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